White Lick Baptist Church - 5606 Cartersville Road in Berea, KY   (859) 925-4641
Would you like to have a copy of a sermon sent to you by mail (on a CD)? Please provide us with your name, complete mailing address and the date the sermon took place.
Would you like the Pastor to visit a sick, lost, or shut-in individual? If so, please share their name, address or hospital location, and phone number.
Share a Prayer Request
Share a praise report! We want to praise God for his awesome power!
How did you learn about our church?
I attend, or used to attend, services here
A friend or family member attends here
Internet Search or Website
Radio Program
Poster, Flyer or Mailing
Vacation Bible School
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If you live in our local area, and do not have a way to attend our services, let us know. Provide us with a name, address, and phone number, and we'll contact you to discuss transportation options.
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